Relto, Kadish, and the annoyance of ISO.

Well, I’ve finished off this round of processing, but I’ve noticed something really quite irritating. All of the film I took to Kadish was ISO 400, which has left my prints with an annoying amount of grain. I brought down my laptop for exactly this reason, but even after scanning the negatives and running them through photoshop, I’ve been unable to get rid of the damned stuff! I’m going to need to make sure I carry enough varying speeds of film next time I go there, so I can get some clearer shots. Most of them ended up being long-exposure anyway because it’s so dark.

I managed to catch my Relto at its very darkest today, so I’ve uploaded a few of those shots too. Absolutely gorgeous.

As usual, click to view fullsize. These jpeg previews don’t do the photos justice!

I took my friend Kalana along to Kadish, as she was highly interested in watching my shoot. I stuck her in a few pictures to give a better idea of scale. Better than using a quarter, I dare say!

Next roll to be processed is the two main Eder ages. I’m hoping they’re a little less grainy, but I was in Eder Kemo a bit late so I might have the same problem. Eder Gira, however, should be fine. I’m guessing it’s rather close to one of the poles of the age its on, as there’s very rarely any darkness apart from the occasional storm. However, if it is then there will be quite a bit of darkness ahead! Thankfully, the fireflies that live there are quite good at lighting things up, and they’ll be attracted to you if you get close enough. They’ve come in handy on a number of occasions!

edit: As usual, I got the main Eders confused. What can I say, it’s almost as if they’re joined at the hip!

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  1. Wow, some really nice photos you got there, shame about the exposure though!

    Oh, and you got the names for gira and Kemo the wrong way round 😉

  2. Excellent photos!

    I’ll have to say, everyone can take KI shots, but not everyone has the photographer’s eye.

    Your images appeared much more detailed than I’ve ever managed with my own KI. What’s your secret?

    I especially liked the ones with your friend in them. Could you do one with her standing next to the ball of Kadish’s pyramid?

    Can’t wait to see more! Keep it up!

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