Have You Ever Seen The Rain

I just linked back up to The Cleft for the first time in a while, and I was greeted by the most beautiful and amazing thing. Rain. In the desert. Little flowers were poking up from the ground, the dirt was a much richer hue than before. I had my little mini-dv camera with me, so I shot some video, I’ll put that up after I edit it a little bit. A nice ‘Raining at the Cleft’ montage!

I should camp out up there for a night with my camera, see if I can get some shots. I’d need a tripod though, it’s awful dark. And with all that lightning I’d need to do long exposures if I wanted to get some. Did I mention there was lightning? THERE WAS LIGHTNING!

No sign of Zandi though… I hope he has somewhere to go when it rains, he’s usually sitting out in the sun whenever I go up.

UPDATE: Oh man… Today it rained in my Relto! There was a page I missed in the cleft, and when I went I stuck it in the book it was raining like CRAZY when I got back. I still had my video camera in my satchel, so I grabbed a video of it. Sort of the same position I was in to get that awesome ‘sunset’* photo, except it’s bloody raining like mad. I nearly fell on the ground in awe when I saw it! I’ll stick the video on the end of my Cleft video, it’s still processing. I should get a better computer.

*Well, it was sunset for a few minutes, then the sun came right back up again. I’d love to see the relto at night, but apparently it’s not possible. Maybe there’s a page somewhere in one of the ages that could do that…

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