The First Week

Man, it’s passed so quickly. I meant to start this journal as soon as I got down here, but there’s been so much to do! So much to see! I’m literally blown away.

The DRC have brought me down here both as a researcher, and as a photographer. So while my entries will be somewhat related to my adventures, I will most likely often only have time to stick in a few photographs that I’ve developed. (I had to set up a tent in my Relto to actually have the space to process anything! It’s not as if I could send them back to a mini-lab on the surface!)

It’s been very strange these past days going through the linking books, and being taken aback by the detail that surrounds me every time I materialise. I mean, these worlds were made in words. And yet I can’t quite find the words to describe them. Maybe I should do some research into the Art of D’ni writing, if only just to be able to fully appreciate what the writers were able to do.

What’s confusing me the most though, is how often I see fellow explorers just run through an age to get where they’re going. And these aren’t ages that require speed. They simply don’t seem to have the time to stop, look around, and take a look at the beauty that has been created around them. In fact, I’m writing this from my favorite little perch in Kadish, overlooking a vista of fog and trees. Thankfully, this is my own version, or there would be an explorer tearing around the corner every minute in a desperate rush to finish a puzzle and move on to the next age. That kind of impatience shouldn’t be tolerated here. We’ve been hired to explore, to take note, to restore. Not to dash around.

Another thing that’s been bugging me, is how many people arrive in the cavern only to ask ‘Where the bloody hell am I?’. They’re being directed to their Relto without the proper initiation! I mean, it’s all well and good to have a lecture in their Bevin a bit later, but they should at least be allowed to talk to Jeff Zandi first. He’s been quite a guiding force over these past few days for me. Inspirational guy. When I arrived I purposely requested a visit to The Cleft before I ever stepped into my Relto. I wanted the full experience.

And so, fresh from my Relto, my first set of prints. Taken in The Cleft and surrounds, including one of Jeff, as he kindly allowed me to take his photograph. I hope these photographs can properly express the wonder and excitement I experienced as I began my exploration of this amazing world that lies beneath the one we all grew up with.

Click to view a larger version

Later this week I should finish my second roll containing my Relto, and my absolute favorite age, Kadish!


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  1. Great, I love them! Especially the focus in some of them 🙂

  2. Love the shallow depth of field.

  3. Shorah, Ladon!

    Welcome to URU! It’s great to read about your little adventure in the Cleft, it reminds me of my own adventure there. Very special place.

    I look forward to seeing more of your photos! The ones at the Cleft and in Kadish are very beautiful. One suggestion though. Isn’t it easier to use your KI for photographing? It’s my experience that the quality of KI pictures are higher than surface camera’s most of the time. But I guess you might feel more comfortable with surface camera’s as a professional photographer. 🙂

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